Importance of Sanitization During the Corona Outbreak

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March 5, 2020
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April 2, 2020

Coronavirus has been the most horrific nightmare today and it has been declared as a Pandemic Disease by WHO (World Health Organization). It started from a place called Wuhan in China and since then, this disease has spread all over the world at an alarming rate. Today this disease has taken several lives worldwide and till date we do not have any treatment to cure this. 

Coronavirus belongs to a group of viruses that are highly composed of strains that causes deadly diseases in birds and animals. It causes respiratory illness in humans. And the virus generally transmits through respiratory droplets produced by an infected person during coughing and sneezing ( within about 6 feet distance). Post-infection symptoms include fever, cough, sneeze, shortness of breath. And it has been declared by the health ministries that the symptoms can arise within 2 to 14 days after contact with an infected person.

Considering the rapid spread and consequences of the virus, the WHO and CDC have provided all the necessary information and shared it with the world.

As of now, no cure has been invented to prevent the prevailing infection but the health ministries have recommended taking preventive measures to avoid yourself from getting exposed to this deadly virus. Sanitization and healthy hygiene practices are the most effective during this stressful time. Wash your hands with hand wash and water for at least 20 seconds and this should be done before and after taking meals, after using washrooms and especially after coughing and sneezing. But what if there is an unavailability of soap and handwash? Or if you run out of them? In situations like these, the use of 60% alcohol base hand-sanitizers is highly recommended which is again an effective way to sanitize your hands.

In order to fight the prevailing infections and diseases, we highly recommend you to use our DISILON Medicated Hand and Body Wash. This product is highly enriched with Vitamin E Tea Tree Oil and will leave a mild glow on your skin. Are hand -sanitizers making your hands rough? Don’t worry this product will give you all the hydrating nourishment which you are looking for. However,  It is best known for cleansing and its creamy lather makes your skin softer and silkier. And it’s two in one use (body and hand wash) makes it somewhat different from the others. 

But when it comes to fighting the deadly germs, are we really using the right hand-sanitizers? That’s why Disilon Forte Hand- Sanitizer is there at your service. This sanitizer is very efficient in protecting you from 99.9% germs. In general, hand sanitizers are recommended when soaps and water are not available but in healthcare sectors, alcohol-based hand-sanitizers are recommended more because they are highly efficient in killing microorganisms, various kinds of bacteria but when we talk about the viruses, only 90% of alcohol can kill wide range of viruses but this much amount is highly flammable and can cause adverse effects.

Every day we spend most of our time at our workplaces and come in contact with many objects which contain pathogens and germs having the potential to weaken our immune system thus causing us infections or diseases. That’s why it is very crucial for us to sanitize our surroundings to live a healthier life. Many people get confused about cleaning and sanitizing. But there is a big difference between the two. Cleaning refers to the removal of dirt from the surface to make it look decent but sanitization is a process of removing all the possible microorganisms from the surface to reduce the chances of infections and diseases using sanitizing tools.

One such product, to make your tiles cleaner is, Glanzz. This is the most efficient tile cleaner for your kitchen and bathrooms. Not only this, but they are also used to clean glassware and steel surfaces. Glanzz will show its effective results right from the first use. It will make your filthy, untidy tiles new again with the best lustrous look. Tiles are always exposed to harsh conditions which can cause damage to them. But with this product, you can avoid further deterioration of your tiles.

Every sort of sanitization is very crucial during this outbreak to prevent the spread. Hand washing practices should be strictly followed and frequently touched objects and surfaces should be sanitized. Since there is no cure for this disease, it is best to take preventive measures as per the guidelines provided by the health ministries. Keep yourself away from dirty places and build your self immunity by indulging yourself in healthy eating habits to fight from the army of harmful pathogens prevailing in the environment. Let’s together fight with this pandemic disease.


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