DCI offers products to keep the environment of the farms clean and healthy as well as solutions for ticks, wounds, etc. Our products help farmers to keep their Livestock disease free and enhance productivity.

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Companion Animals

DCI offers a wide range of therapeutic products for Dogs and Cats. We have the expertise in providing effective and easy to apply medicines for your beloved pets to help keep them disease free. Anti-ticks, anti-fungal, conditioners and foams are offered in a variety of products in the form of Sprays, Spot On, Shampoo and Washes.

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DCI holds a range of preventative biosecurity products in poultry farming, critical to a healthy start for a new batch of poultry chicks. Shed disinfection, Egg sanitization, drinking water sanitization, germ –free environment in hatchery are a few of the many properties of our Virucidal Disinfectants.

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Control of water quality is the key factor for a successful culture of aquatic animals like Fish, Prawn & Shrimp. DCI is dedicated to improve water quality with the best quality Disinfectants and water Sanitizers of wide spectrum anti bacterial activity, low toxicity, high penetrability & non-interference with normal healing processes.

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Thrush in Horses is a degenerative infection that damages the tissues of the foot through standing on wet, dirty bedding, unhygienic environment conditions and poor foot conformation. The hoof and its environment should be kept as dry and clean as possible. Our products are formulated for Hoof & stable disinfection and for treatment of fungal infections in horses.

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