How To Take Care Of your Pets During The Corona Virus Lockdown

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March 24, 2020
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The implementation of the national lockdown in India has demanded people to stay at home during this time. Due to its strict limitation, people are spending leisure time at their home with their loved ones. Our furry friends are completely delighted during this phase as they are getting to spend time with us. But this lockdown has made some sort of restrictions for our dogs too as we will not be able to take them for walks as frequently as we used to. But it’s the perfect time to utilize this opportunity to keep them entertained and engaged during the coronavirus outbreak. Staying healthy during this uncertain time is equally very crucial for both pets and humans.

Here are some ways through which you can keep your pets occupied-

  1. Training- Almost every pet understands some basic orders like “Sit Down” and “Come” but during this quarantine time, go for advanced levels like “ Stay”, “ Speak”, etc and after they have mastered them, go for other new tricks like “Roll Over”, “Give a High-Five”. This will not only strengthen your bond with them but this will also make them different from the rest.While doing all this, don’t forget to reward them after every skill they have mastered. Try them in the form of short sessions of about 15-20 mins, you will have fun doing them and on the other hand, your pet will be the happiest to do all these tasks.
  2. Puzzles and Brain Games– Are you aware that there are numerous games and puzzles especially for pets? These puzzle games are made in a way that your pup is forced to solve them just out of curiosity. And a study claims that mental activities are way more exhausting than a physical one. Go for simple puzzles first, help them understand and reward them so that they don’t lose interest or get frustrated. Go for the advanced puzzles as soon as they finish the easiest ones. This is one of the most effective ways to get them engaged.
  3. Grooming Sessions– In our busy work schedules, we often forget to keep our pets clean. Grab some natural pet care products and clean them thoroughly as you only need to clean them for a while. This will help them have a healthy shiny coat, will keep them away from the scaly scalp and various infections. Being healthy during this time is equally crucial for everyone. Keep a check on their dental health too as good dental health denotes a pet’s complete health. Always have a look at their coat for fleas and ticks. Removal of ticks and fleas is important as they cause numerous diseases to them. Take all the necessary steps in making them clean and healthy during this time.
  4. Pet Accessories– As the lockdown has shut the stores and the online services have abruptly stopped. You might not be able to get new accessories for your pets. But making the old ones available for them is the smart move. Collect all their toys, clean them thoroughly and you are ready to keep them engaged. The purpose of these accessories is just to nurture your relationship with them and these will keep them entertained for hours. And when it comes to the leashes and collars those can be washed again and used till the normal life resumes. 
  5. Toilet Training- This could be a major problem for owners whose pets have to go multiple times outside to relieve themselves. And it becomes a more important issue when you don’t have your private yard. But this issue can be resolved with the help of training. Initially, you might feel this as a challenging task to do but once your pet has successfully mastered it, it will be a feeling of relief for you too. All you have to do is make them understand which place they have to go when the perfect loo time comes to them in the form of training in your way. You can even take the help of pee pads or fake grasses to help them understand better.

As there is no evidence of transmission of coronavirus to pets, this is the happiest thing we could ever ask for. Our pets are the gems of our lives and they complete us with their companionship and emotional support. They always complete us in many societal ways, so it becomes our mere responsibility to keep them safe, healthy and fit with our love and support as they are the best creatures that should be adorned for life. So let’s grab some time and enjoy with our pets during this quarantine making them feel loved.

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