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When you decide to be a dog parent, you probably didn’t give much weight to how many new things you’d have to learn about- like finding the best anti-dandruff dog shampoo. To clarify, you must not compromise the quality of the shampoo. What exactly is dog shampoo? Every dog is different, every fur is different, and no two shampoos are alike. Therefore, you must find the shampoo that suits your dog’s coat.


Such shampoo hydrates dry skin and prevents fungus-induced dandruff. With this, your dog’s coat gets a natural gloss and reduces the constant scratching on its body.

Let’s learn about different types of dog shampoo: 

Medicated Dog Shampoo: This shampoo carries an ‘active ingredient’ of drugs such as chlorhexidine (an antiseptic) or miconazole (an anti fungal). This shampoo helps your dog with specific medical conditions. Components such as chlorhexidine and miconazole prevent allergies and skin problems by killing bacteria and yeasts. 

Deodorising Shampoo: Being a dog parent, you must have experienced the smell when your dog rolls on something it shouldn’t. This shampoo is best for smelly dogs. These shampoos are highly scented and provide a deep clean with deodorizing compounds.

Soothing Shampoo: Dogs often suffer itching issues, which is when soothing shampoos come into the picture, containing omega-3s. The shampoo helps in removing dead skin and fur and applying soft compounds like aloe and oatmeal. This shampoo especially helps dogs with environmental allergies.

Standard Shampoo: Now, even normal shampoos are prevailing in the market. These shampoos are for dogs who aren’t infested, itchy, smelly, or posh enough to need a colour correction option. These shampoos often contain similar ingredients and calming essential oils to cater to most dogs. Besides being used as an anti-dandruff property, you can even use them as they give relief to itchy skin, dull coats, and more.

Colour Correction Shampoo: These are especially for show dogs and posh dogs. Going by the same, this shampoo helps the dog’s coat colour to shine. The shampoo contains optical enhancers to uplift shine and enhance your dog’s natural colour.

Hypoallergenic Shampoo: One of the most effective products with natural ingredients that rarely cause reactions. The shampoo is best suited for sensitive skin. 

Puppy Shampoo: Only for puppies as they have gentle, sensitive skin. Many of them are tear less and dandruff free. Such shampoos contain perfumes that can irritate their sensitive noses and throats.

Which Dog Shampoo is suitable for your Breed?

Dog with Curly Coat: They should use shampoo-containing conditioner to reduce tangles. Even a hypoallergenic option will be suitable if they suffer from allergies. 

Dogs with long coats: Such dogs should use a shampoo that doesn’t spell too many oils. Dogs like German Shepherds and Husky can get the smell in the summer; therefore, the deodorizing component would be a good idea. 

Dogs with short Coats: Labrador Retrievers and Boston Terriers have the easiest coat to look after. Shampoo containing high-shine formula can be best for your dog. However, these breeds can be prone to dandruff; for that reason, go for a shampoo and conditioner with added oatmeal. 

It might be a little overwhelming to find the best anti-dandruff dog shampoo. Many brands are in the market and ready to seek your attention. But be careful before you select any shampoo for your dog. Standard dog shampoo is a pick for most dogs as it is gentle on the skin and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. 

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