Alcohol-Free Vs. Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer

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Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the world is going through a tough time, and so many precautions have been taken by the people all around the globe to eliminate this dangerous virus and one of the most effective ways which were suggested by the Doctors was to maintain personal hygiene. Washing with warm water and soap remains the best method for preventing the spread of infectious diseases and washing with warm water (not cold water) and soap removes oils from our hands that can kill microbes.

But hand sanitizer can also protect against disease-causing microbes, especially in situations when soap and water aren’t available. They are also proven to be effective in reducing the number and killing of microbes. Hand sanitizers are also easy to use and one can keep it with him or her all the time to use whenever required. So the hand sanitizers are basically of two types which are Alcohol-based and Alcohol-free sanitizers. Let us discuss it-:

The Case for Alcohol-Based Sanitizers:

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer which contains 60-65% alcohol is usually best in comparison to other types just like our Disilon Forte Hand Sanitizer gives protection and safety to ensure up to 99.99% Germ Protection which has Alcohol concentration above 65% in the sanitizers to kill the viruses and leaving hands feeling clean & refreshed with the fragrance of its flavour. Many healthcare centres have shown that hand sanitizers containing a better concentration of alcohol are more practical than those having lower alcohol concentration or non-alcoholic ones. Pocket-sized alcohol-based hand sanitizers are reliable and easy to carry everywhere. Hence, this kind of sanitizer is preferred nowadays by everyone to kill the COVID-19 viruses.

Furthermore, the health centers have shown that alcohol-based hand sanitizer reduces many viruses contagious diseases and infections because It works on the phenomenon of friction. An alcohol-based hand sanitizer contains a high percentage of alcohol which has a very low boiling point. So, as you rub it on your palm in between your fingers, heating is generated because of friction. The heating evaporates the alcohol and other particles, which takes germ particles with them. It must be used in a directed way- Firstly take a small drop of hand sanitizer on your palm and spread it everywhere inside and outdoors of your palm, rub your palm together until they become dry and if hands have become dry means alcohol is killing the COVID-19 viruses.

Some alcohol-based hand sanitizers can cause dryness of the skin and in such cases, you’ll use alcohol-based hand sanitizer with moisturizer which is provided by our brand Disinfecto Chemical PVT limited as such a variety of sanitizers is available to us. Clean and safe hand sanitizer is an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with moisturizers and antioxidants because it keeps hands germ free & moisturizer, antioxidant makes skin saturated keeping skin dry. So, during this pandemic situation, it is best to use alcohol-based sanitizers to maintain personal hygiene and fight against this dangerous virus, and it should be used in a proper routine by everybody.

The Case for Alcohol-Free Sanitizers:

So considering the present situation of COVID-19 pandemic going on, many healthcare centres researches have shown that alcohol-free hand sanitizers might not kill every kind of germs, bacteria, and viruses. Alcohol-free hand sanitizers contain ammonium compounds (called benzalkonium chloride) rather than alcohol to reduce microbes and these agents are less effective than alcohol. Alcohol-free hand sanitizers don’t dry out hands, and they create a little foam after rubbing hands, they have no fragrance. Most alcohol-free hand sanitizers in the market are water-based foam and many of them contain 0.1% concentration of Benzalkonium, rest of the solution contain mainly water, skin conditioner and vitamin E for moistening purpose. Usually, these solutions are much easier on the hands, and the possibility of fire hazards is less and is non-damaging to surfaces.

Regardless of some reasonable advantages, alcohol-free based items presently can’t seem to increase genuine selling in the health market. Alcohol-based gels keep on being supported by healthcare associations, and in this way observed as an increasingly defensible arrangement by the individuals in the field. It isn’t so much that these associations don’t perceive the acceptability of alcohol-free based arrangements. The expression “Alcohol-free” could apply to any number of items available and it’s a wide term that makes it unfamiliar for offices like the CDC and WHO to embrace or to promote. So, during this situation of the COVID-19 disaster, it is not the right time to purchase it.

Both varieties of products do more or less the same job in killing harmful microbes. Choosing the proper product by knowing your needs against your environment, budget, and private preference. But nowadays because of this COVID-19 pandemic, the Alcohol-based Sanitizers are suggested by the Health Experts to be used daily to kill the virus on your hands and body.


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