6 Easy ways to keep your dog cool in summer

March 15, 2021
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May 24, 2021
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Your favorite flip flops and summer shorts are out of the closet because summer is back! But your pets don’t have that option to google pet accessories shop near me and buy flip flops and shorts, now do they?

Our furry pet friends usually only get to sweat out the heat from their paws and nose, while we humans can do it from many more places on our body because we have more sweat glands to help us stay cool. And since pets don’t have as many sweat glands it is very important for their health and well-being that you actively take steps and suitably buy pet products online in Lucknow to keep them cool and hydrated throughout these hot summers. Here are 6 easy ways you can follow to ensure that your pet is cool in summer:

    1. Clean drinking water- The best possible way to combat heat is to ensure that your pets are hydrated. You must keep an eye on your pet’s water station and keep changing their drinking water every few hours. This is because it’s not only important for them to have water continuously throughout the day, but they must also have clean drinking water throughout the day. Providing clean and fresh drinking water from time to time is also the best way to avoid a heat stroke. In addition to changing their drinking water, you can give them cooler drinking water in a shaded area. This will further make sure that the water is not under direct sunlight and is not heating up too fast. You can also buy pet products online in Lucknow such as cool water bowls which have a mechanism of not absorbing too much heat and keeping the water cool for longer durations.
    2. Recognize a heat stroke-Heat strokes are more common in pets than you think. And because pets don’t have large and numerous sweat glands, they can store huge amounts of body heat which leads to a heat stroke. But you don’t need to panic as long as you can recognize the signs of a heat stroke and immediately treat it yourself or take your pet to a veterinarian. Common symptoms of a heat stroke include:
      • Exaggerated panting
      • Vomiting
      • High fever
      • Staring at one spot for long durations
      • Rapid heartbeat
      • Dry skin
      • Anxious expressions
          As soon as you notice any of these signs you must contact your veterinarian.
    3. Engage in pool parties- With the right precautions like a handy flea and tick remover and medicated hand wash
      you can take your pets to pool parties at least once a month so they get to cool down, relax, and have some fun. Socializing and staying cool is as important to our pets as to us. So one of the easiest ways to keep your pet cool is to buy pet products online in Lucknow that will keep your pet safe from infections, and then take them to a nearby pet pool party!
    4. Use pet-safe sun cream- Pet-safe sun creams are a total lifesaver! Get on Google and look for pet accessories shop near me and you’ll find a ton of options to purchase some good quality pet-safe sun creams depending on what pet you have, their breed, size, allergies, etc. Pet-safe sun creams can help prevent sunburns and heat strokes. And if you aren’t sure which pet-safe sun crease at a pet accessory shop near you is suitable for your pet then just call your vet and confirm which one is the best option.
    5. Do not leave pets in a car on a hot summer day- There are crazy stories out there about people leaving their pets in cars on a hot summer day and you don’t want to be a part of those stories. So, make sure that when you really can’t take your pet with you or the place you’re going to is not pet-friendly then you have the following options available:
      • Leave your pet home with someone else who can stay
      • Leave your pet at home and make sure that they can’t get stuck in hot places and only sleep in shaded areas
      • Give your pet to a pet-sitter or a pet care-taker

      Another pro tip would be that if you want to keep your pet away from the sunny areas then you can buy dog repellant sprays in Lucknow and other kinds of repellant sprays and spray them in the sunny areas so that your pet stays away.

    6. Get cool products like – cooling mats and frozen treats In the heat of summer, grooming your pet is very important because it keeps your pet’s skin and hair smooth, cool, and protected. Summer special grooming products that you can get at pet accessories shops near you are:

      • Cooling mats – You can keep these cooling mats in your fridge for the night and then have your pet chill on them the next day. These are also amazing if you are traveling anywhere with your pet in the summers.
      • Frozen treat – Frozen treats are a new concept; they are basically small bite-sized treats for pets that you can freeze, and your pet can chew and eat them anytime. Since they are small and bite-sized they will not cause brain freezes or cold burst in your pet’s mouth!

Summer is the most fun season out there. And while you should enjoy and have an awesome summer, ensure that with cool and easy pet accessories your pets can have a cool and awesome summer too.




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