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Most people who get pets for their initial pup cuteness eventually get frustrated to watch their pet grow into this giant furry ball of mess! And then looking to buy pet products online in Lucknow for such big breeds is a whole different story. So if you want a dog that would be like a little puppy forever then we have just the right canines for you. They will always be able to curl up in your lap, sneak next to you at night without hoarding over the bed, sit in your lap when you drive around, and all other cute little things that puppies can do, but the big dog breeds cannot fit in. 

Dog breeds that can stay puppy-sized throughout their lives are grouped under ‘toy dog breeds’. Toy dog breeds have become very popular in recent times because of a variety of changes in the tastes and preferences of people in the dog-lover community. Listed below are a few reasons why toy dog breeds can be a perfect fit for you:

  1. Small home – If you live in an apartment or simply do not have the space to house and maintain a large dog breed then toy dog breeds are the way to go
  2. Children in your home – You love dogs but are worried about them accidentally knocking over your little baby who just learned to walk? Even though any breed of dog is generally very calm and gentle around babies and children, small toy dog breeds would be an option to consider to be on the safer side
  3. Budget – If you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to spend crazy amounts on larger quantities of regular products like anti-fungal sprays for dogs, anti-tick dog shampoos, and other pet products, then know that toy dog breeds aren’t expensive to shop for because they are so little in the first place.
  4. Long working hours – If your lifestyle won’t give you enough free time to maintain, check, and buy pet products online in Lucknow for your dog then a toy dog breed is the perfect candidate. It doesn’t need to be checked and kept away from delicate furniture by buying dog repellants sprays in Lucknow because it isn’t big enough to cause damage and you can buy pet products online less frequently for a smaller dog breed. 

Moving to the toy dog breeds that you must definitely get in your home:

  1. Maltese- The Maltese is a great blend of gentle and brave breeds. They are very playful and form close bonds with their family easily. In ancient times it was also considered to be a “companion of royalty and nobility”. Their silky white coats definitely will need you to look to buy pet products online in Lucknow.  They can weigh up to 7 pounds and have silky white coats.
  2. Poodle- Poodles are seen in 3 sizes – toy, miniature, and standard. The toy poodle and the miniature poodle can be categorized as small dogs. They are an intelligent breed and are also known to have longer lives. They need a moderate amount of activity for entertainment but not much space for walking around. They can weigh close to 6 pounds to 14 pounds (depending on whether it’s toy or miniature) and have a curly heavy coat in colors – white, beige, black, brown, etc.
  3. Bichon Frise- Bichon Frise will melt your heart with their doll-like faces and fluffy furry coat. They also have a very affectionate and cheerful breed. They love to entertain their pet parents, children, strangers, and other pets. But remember that their fluffy furry coat needs to be maintained with good anti-fungal sprays for dogs. They weigh about 7-12 pounds and have fluffy white coats.
  4. Daschund- Daschunds are small, playful, and devoted dogs, but they can be stubborn at times. They are also one of the most disciplined toy dog breeds. Being loyal and excellent watchdogs works in your favor if you’re looking for a small dog not just to play with for some level of security too. Their average weight is about 12 -18 pounds and has a short and smooth fur coat instead of furry and soft ones like the other toy breeds.
  5. Chihuahuas- The tiniest dogs in the world include the chihuahuas. Chihuahuas are lovable and loyal but can be sassy and tough. Though they form close-knit bonds with their pet owners, they aren’t very welcoming toward strangers. They do not require much playtime or space to walk around. They can weigh up to 6 pounds and have smooth long coats in colors like black, brown, fon, etc.
  6. Shih Tzu- Shih Tzus are another totally doll-faced breed. They can charm people with the spark of friendliness that is always visible in their eyes. They are very jolly dogs and can charm their way through any situation. Because of their long and smooth coats, they do require daily grooming and weekly/fortnightly usage of anti-tick shampoos for dogs. They can weigh between 9-16 pounds with long and smooth coats in colors like black, white, silver, etc.
  7. Pug- While pugs may just be on the border of passing as a toy dog, because some be a little bigger than the other toy dog breeds on this list, but nevertheless they are a small dog breed. With their funny and comical wrinkles, dark and big eyes, they are a great breed to make you feel happy and funny. They are lovable and loyal, but may not be the most active ones. Pugs can weigh from 14-18 pounds with a soft, short coat in colors like black, white, and fon.

Selecting the right dog breed is not rocket science, but it also isn’t child’s play. You must really keep in mind the space you have available for them, your budget for maintenance and sustenance, and the time that you can dedicate to them. If you do have these in place then you will assuredly find the perfect furry friend to shop together for fun and love. 


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