10 Best Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitisers In India

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Owing to the rapidly spreading covid strains and its virulent health issues, India among the rest of the world sees itself in a dire need of sanitization and a deep thrive in virus hygienics. The government’s advice of maintaining social distancing, using an alcohol-based sanitizer, keeping lockdown, etc. contribute to the health and wellness of the society. Sanitizers and other medicated hand wash, are hence an important pick for every individual and we can help you make an informed purchase to ensure the ideal results to keep you hearty and healthy. Before moving into the best products available in the market, one can understand the basics of selecting the right product for oneself. Firstly, one needs to select a product that is safe to use and suitable for one’s skin which includes checking the ingredients and ensuring pure formulation. An alcohol-based sanitizer is more potent and offers better disinfecting qualities, but is highly flammable, so one needs to be careful with the same. Secondly, the effectiveness of a sanitizer depends on its correct usage, including application on fingertips and between fingers for at least 20 seconds or till your hands are dry. Lastly, the sanitizer may cost somewhere around ₹100-500 and may expire within three years of manufacture, after the alcohol dissolves. Now that you’re ready to choose the perfect option for you, here is a list of our top alcohol-based sanitizers carefully chosen for you. 

  1. Himalaya Pure Hands- The popular Indian brand Himalaya, offers its range of sanitizers claiming to kill 99.9% of the germs. The 80% alcohol-based sanitizer is available widely in the Indian market and comes in a number of fragrance variants. It comes in a small and convenient size which makes it suitable for daily use.
  2. DCI- Disilon Forte Liquid Hand Sanitizer- The up and coming Lucknow-based brand of DCI, essentially known for its hand sanitizer in Lucknow and pan India is a great option for purchase. The pleasant smelling, 70% alcohol-based sanitizer offers upto 99.99% of germ protection and comes with 1% QAC and a handy pump dispenser for convenient usage. It becomes one of the best purchases due to its added non-sticky texture and although it features a powerful alcohol base,it remains soothing on the skin. You can shop home care products online Lucknow and pan India from https://disinfecto.com/.
  3. Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer- Dettol is one of the most trusted disinfectant brands in India, featuring their mildly scented hand sanitizer containing 70% alcohol concentration. Fragrance variants include floral and Spring Fresh which is available both online and offline.
  4. Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer- Popular for its cleaning agents including soaps, cleaning solutions etc, Lifebuoy offers a 3 variant hand sanitizer range, featuring over 60% of an alcohol base. Its compact size and waterless cleaning convenience make it a suitable fit for this list.
  5. Sterillium- Sterillium hand sanitizer is well known for its surgical disinfection value and it’s manufactured perfectly to remain soft on your skin. It offers maximum germ protection with its 80% alcohol base concentration and due to its remarkable skin tolerability it is widely popular.
  6. Dabur Hand Sanitizer- The Dabur hand sanitizer is next on the list, popular with its additional easy-to-use pump feature. This 60% alcohol-based sanitizer is a great option because of its elevating fragrance and non-sticky composition.
  7. Savlon- The ITC manufactured, Savlon sanitizer offers the advanced protection energized by a new formula to kill germs along with the non-enveloped viruses. The medicated hand wash offers waterless disinfection with its 70% alcohol base, ensuring clean and healthy hands.
  8. Godrej Protekt- Godrej Protekt is a skin friendly, gel based alternative offering pleasant smelling freshness and cleanliness. It factors 60% of alcohol content and its glycerine enriched texture proves essentially soft on the skin. A great alternative to the traditional soap and water, it can be your best companion on the go.
  9. Corvil- Corvil Hand sanitizer is a neem and aloe vera enriched, antibacterial medicated hand wash with 70% of alcohol content. It claims to ensure 99.9% bacteria protection and leave a long lasting rejuvenating scent with its moisturizing gel based texture.
  10. Multani Hand Sanitizer- Multani hand sanitizer is popular for its ayurvedic composition and its nearly 60% alcohol content, providing its users with a soft gel-based solution for regular use. Although highly flammable, it contains neem, glycerine and ethyl alcohol providing powerful disinfection to combat viruses with a gentle and lasting scent of ayurvedic herbs

According to this list of popular brands featuring their virus protection solutions and proper preventive measures you can be ready to take this pandemic head-on. A handy medical hand wash or other such disinfecting solutions can provide protection on the go, where a water-and-soap wash may not be available. So a hand sanitizer in Lucknow and throughout India is an essential tool to keep the virus at bay and ensure a healthy environment for your family and society.

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