How to Choose the Right Toys for Your Dog

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We, as working parents, have a very tight schedule at times and fail to give time to our pets. We miss out on playing with them indoors or outdoors. Pets really get bored when they’re couped up in the house all day long, and may act out by destroying furniture, clothes, or shoes. They find ways to vent out all their energy on something and that does not come out nicely for anyone.

As responsible pet parents, we should look out for signs for whether or not your little ones are bored or if they require a good walk or a play session with their favourite human. 

The following signs can be noted to identify if your pet is craving a playtime:

  • Non-stop Barking looking at the window and door.
  • Lying down and whining while looking at you.
  • Following you around the house.
  • Licking their paws.

If you spend time with your pet regularly, playing with toys or having a run in the park, you will notice that they do not destroy your belongings and are much happier than usual. The more you play with your pet, the better the bond you have with them.

Choosing the right toy can be a task because you need to understand their likes and dislikes. You need to understand what kind of toys they prefer. So let us learn what all kinds of pet toys are available for our fur babies.

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What all kinds of toys are available for your pets?

There are a huge variety of toys available for your babies, and you will always have a plethora of options to choose from. There are different toys catering to different kinds of moods of your pets. Here are some examples.


These are proven to be a favourite with dogs. You can choose a soft plush ball if your dog is young and teething, or a tennis ball that has a slightly harder exterior if your dog is older.

Rope Toys

These toys feature a rope that your dog can bite. You can hold the other end of the toy and begin a tug of war. Dogs love these toys as these toys suit their natural way of playing.

Stuffed Toys

These toys are soft, which means they are safe and protect your dog’s mouth. They can be found in many shapes, sizes, and colours. Dogs can grow very attached to these toys!

Chew Toys

It is natural for your dog to want to chew, even after he has teethed. Chew toys for dogs ensure that he chews something safe, and not your sofa or bed. These toys come in a variety of shapes: as sticks, ropes, bones, animal shapes, rings, etc. Some dogs are powerful chewers, while some dogs are not. These toys have different levels of durability to match your dog’s chewing power. 

Treat-dispensing Toys

These are toys that contain treats for your dog. They can be filled and refilled with your dog’s favourite treat. Your dog then has to figure out how to use the toy to get to the treat. It ensures hours of fun for him as he twists and turns and chews the toy to get to his kibble. 

Puzzle Toys

These are toys that challenge your dog’s brain power and help stimulate it. They can be physical toys for dogs or electronic games. They teach your dog coordination, as well as help, develop his instincts.

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Chewing helps your pets relax and control their anxiety. These pet toys help them keep calm and away from destroying your belongings. When your pet is in a very playful mood and making puppy faces, you know it is time to play with rope toys. You can have a nice Tug of War play session with your pet. Playing with rope toys are a great way to have a good bonding session between you and your beloved pet. Another advantage of a rope toy is that rope and tug toys can help redirect nipping or biting behaviour. Some dogs and puppies simply get nippy when they want to bite something. These ropes can provide them with a biting and chewing outlet.                                                                                         

The main intention behind all these games is to spend some quality time with your pet and that’s exactly what they strive for. It’s not just about buying loads of toys for your furry friend but engaging yourself in activities that involve them and their all-time favourite friend,‘You’.

Always remember, when you are discarding old toys, instead of throwing them away, donate them to your nearest Animal Health Care NGOs, so that they reach the abandoned and rescued stray animals.

Pet + You = Joy       Pet + You + Toys = Happiness & Crazy Fun

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