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Since the beginning of this year 2020, We are surrounded by the pandemic and are living in an incredibly fluid situation, which tends to change everyday. Animal lovers who have pets in their homes had many queries regarding the safety and well being of their pets, as well as their families which they thought might get infected through a pet they have at home.

After various studies conducted worldwide, it has been found that even if pets like dogs and cats become carriers (test positive) for this virus; they might not fall sick, nor transfer it to human beings.

So with all this in mind, what we are going to discuss in this blog today, are a few tips that will help you keep your dog or cat happy indoors. Although all pets must ideally be allowed to have access to a natural environment outdoors to express their animal behaviour, we all know that Indoors is the only way to stay safe and healthy during these times.

There are very few people who have both dogs and cats simultaneously as pets. Whichever pet you have, here are 10 tips to keep your pet happy, healthy and safe indoors.

  1.  Create a Natural Atmosphere :-

Find ways to make the environment mimic what the pets normal behaviour in nature would be. Try to duplicate your indoor areas as much as possible to feel like a natural outdoor space that would help your pet to behave naturally, and that would indirectly keep them happy and healthy.

      For example,

  • Perching for cats, setting up a cat hammock (resting bed) for your cat that attaches to the glass of a window via suction peps and from where the cat can get a view of outside while resting on it.
  • A Cat tree that has lower and upper compartments, the cat can sit wherever it wants.
  • A scratching post which the cat can use, and not scratch your furniture instead. 
  1. Give them some Privacy :-
  • Dogs should have their own private space at home, where they can relax. A comfortable dog bed is what they need.
  • Similarly, Cats like to hide often, and love when they have hiding boxes where they can sit, relax and sleep.
  1. Keep them Busy :-

If Dogs are not going out for their daily walks, or running routine, they need to be trained indoors and should not skip their exercise/activity. Mental activities like stimulating their minds, is sometimes more powerful than tiring out your dog with physical activities

  1. Play with your Pet :-
  • Play a game of tug
  • Play fetch with a soft toy
  • Try food puzzle trays, instead of directly serving in a bowl.
  1. Express Love, tell them you Love them :-
  • Improve your bond, learn and understand their body language.
  • Pets are aesthetically pleasing and happy creatures, if you create that environment for them. They are unique individuals and each has a personality of its own. They have great sensibility and remarkable intelligence. Acknowledge it. Praise them when they behave well.
  1.  Train them at Home :-
  • Build an agility course, using chairs, stools and sticks at home. The pet can run around and train around it.
  • Take their favourite treats and toys, Place them around the house and let them search for it. By doing this, you can Distract them from focusing on the outside and walk them inside your house, and this way, they will not feel bored.
  • Basic obedience training for dogs can be done at home.
  1.  Feed them right, Feed them well :-
  • Good quality packaged food is always recommended by vets, above homemade food. But if for some reason these are unavailable and you are not able to provide it, there are a few human foods that your pet can eat.
  • Dogs can eat boiled or steamed carrots, apple is a healthy treat for your dog, broccoli (in limited quantity only), cheese (but not for lactose intolerant ones), chicken meat (not bones), boiled eggs (never raw), oatmeal (no added sugar or salt).Do not feed your dogs with salted, spicy food, sweets or milk. This results in skin problems and infections.
  • Cats are more independent and many times they get used to eating human food at homes. Some human foods that you may feed your cat are – boiled eggs without any seasoning, boneless fish, lean cuts of meat, skimmed yogurt, cheese, lactose free milk, plain rice.  

Always talk to your Veterinarian before introducing a new food. Pay attention to what your pet likes, how it responds to the new food, and slowly introduce another food after a certain interval.

  1. Groom your Pets :-
  • Keep them clean and Dry. Do not bath them very frequently, once in 15 days is mostly advisable by Vets.
  • Use mild shampoos, but if there is a tick problem you should use an anti tick dog shampoo and give them a bath, to keep them safe from fleas and ticks. Remember, If the dog is taking a bath very frequently and you are unable to dry it properly, this could be the reason for skin infection or if it goes and sits on a wet floor, and sits in an airconditioned room after that.
  • Anti fungal spray for dogs can be used daily if dogs skin is infected.
  1. Keep them away from Parasites :-
  •  Summers are the season for fleas, in cats and dogs.  The source for fleas is another animal ( a cat or a dog) , carpets at home, dust and dirt around hidden corners of home. It multiplies quickly and spreads in the skin. These parasites suck the blood of your pet, give allergies and result in their hair fall .
  • Never use insect killers on your pets in this case, some people make this mistake. But if the pet licks it, it may result in death also.
  • Hence, the most safe and effective way is to Use anti tick shampoo and spray for your pets.
  •  Tick spray for dogs, are very effective. Before using it, the dog’s body should be wet. Brushing along with the spray helps more and the sticky liquid in the spray removes the ticks effectively. Dry it with a clean towel properly after wash.
  • Tick season for dogs is from March to October generally, and dogs may get tick fever also. 
  • Use flea and tick remover, to get rid of these parasites that suck their blood, bother your pet and make them unhealthy .
  1.  Use Dog Repellents :-
  • They keep your dogs away from chewing, scratching, or licking any areas inside your house. Any certified and experienced dog trainer would recommend a Dog repellent spray that should be offensive but not harmful to your beloved pet.
  • To buy a Dog repellent spray in Lucknow, contact us. We have the best products available.

These are tough times and we need to stay indoors to make sure that we and the people around us are safe. 

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