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Cleanliness and 2020

In 2020, the pandemic changed every aspect of our lives—yes, including how we clean. Suddenly, cleaning was less about getting our places sparkling before guests come over, and more about properly disinfecting surfaces. It was 2020 that taught us the importance of cleanliness and changed our perception about personal hygiene for life. The major cleaning lessons we learned in 2020, most of which pertaining the use of hand sanitizers and medicated hand-washes will continue to stay with us in 2021, and perhaps even after that. Our cleaning routines will never be the same.

Apart from keeping ourselves clean, we learnt how and why it is essential to keep our surroundings and surfaces disinfected always.

Sanitization and Lucknow

Lucknow has had its share of casualties during the COVID period. Like any other place on the globe, Lucknow too was demanding for sanitization. The demand and sale for hand sanitizers in Lucknow, was at a all time high. Many manufacturers grabbed this opportunity with both hands and left no tables unturned in order to bridge the gap between supply and demand of the hand sanitizers and medicated hand washes. In-fact, in view of growing demand for hand sanitizers, the state government, in a major policy shift, invited people to apply for its manufacturing and get online permission immediately.

Well, we all know a lot about hand sanitization and personal hygiene by now. Now let me throw some more light on how and why it is important for us to keep our floors and surfaces clean.

The Importance of Floor Cleaning

Likely, the first thing someone sees when entering your facility are your floors, which, depending on how clean or dirty they look, can shape their perceptions of how clean and sanitary the entire facility is. Floors that appear dirty, scuffed or dull can convey the impression that the facility’s cleanliness standards are lacking. However, before 2020, disinfecting a countertop meant quickly rubbing a cleaning wipe along the surface. But this year, we learned the importance of contact time. We started to realize that when it comes to surface cleaning, a surface should not just look clean, rather it must be disinfected all the time. We adopted the use of surface cleaners, floor cleaners and surface disinfectants in order to keep the surfaces virus and germ free all the time.  We became more aware and cautious about cleanliness and followed all the hygiene and hand sanitization practices to the utmost. People were not dependent on their maids and house helps for cleaning their homes. Along with hand sanitizers and medicated hand washes, demands for floor cleaners, surface cleaners and surface disinfectants were also on a rise.

It is not rocket science to understand why it is important for each one of us to keep the floor and the surfaces clean to avoid the spread of the Virus.

 When an infected person coughs or sneezes some droplets land on the floor. Another person then walks on the same floor and picks up the virus on their shoes. As they continue to walk around, the virus begins to spread. Returning home, they bring it into their house. Taking off their shoes it spreads to their hands, which can in turn spread to their face, increasing their chances of becoming infected. What this means is that it’s important to begin spending as much time sanitizing the floors on a regular basis as it is cleaning other areas.

How to keep your floor clean and disinfectant

One of the first things to note is there is a big difference between simply cleaning and disinfecting your home. Cleaning helps to remove germs but does not kill them, though this does lower the risk of spreading infection as it reduces the number of germs. Disinfecting uses chemicals to kill germs on surfaces. This does not necessarily clean dirt or remove these germs, so it is always best to clean first and then disinfect to lower the risk of spread.

Here are few steps you can follow to keep your floor clean and disinfectant

Step 1 : Select a disinfectant solution that is suitable for the intended purpose.

The first step is to select a disinfectant solution that is suitable for the intended purpose. Global authorities such as the CDC, are recommending Hospital Grade Disinfectants for use against harmful germs and viruses.

Step 2 : Clean the floor as you would normally

Clean the floor as you would normally, to remove surface impurities using a floor sweeper to first clear dust and debris.

Step 3 :  Fill the solution tank with the correct dilution ratio of disinfectant.

Read the label on the disinfection solution to determine the correct dilution ratio, then fill the solution tank of the floor scrubbing machine.

Step 4 : Scrub with the disinfectant solution and allow to dwell on the floor.

Scrub the floor with just the Brushes/Pads of the scrubbing machine lowered to the surface of the floor. You will be leaving the solution to dwell on the floor for the recommended contact time, per instructions on the disinfectant packaging label. So please leave the scrubber vacuum turned off, and the squeegee in the raised position.

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