5 Reasons Why Dog Dental Care Is Important

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As pet parents, we all are concerned about the health and well-being of our dogs. One very important factor that we usually miss is taking care of their oral/ dental health. We do not realize that our canine companions need dental care too to remain completely healthy.

Carelessness in the dental care of your dog not only results in their stinky breath but also dangerous dental diseases. These diseases are called periodontal diseases. According to a study, by the age of 3, around 80 percent of dogs have some kind of periodontal disease. It is not at all good as it might cause several serious issues to your dog which is why it is so critical to take care of the dog’s dental health.

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To give you a clear understanding, we have listed down 5 basic reasons why dog dental care is important-

  1. Most of the dogs get various periodontal diseases from the age of 3. We certainly cannot prevent it altogether, but we can take certain steps to make it less severe and easily curable. By giving a proper dental care routine to your dog, you can protect him from the severity of these diseases.

2. The infected gums of your dog may become extremely weak and vulnerable resulting in tooth loss. This can be extremely painful for your dog as well as for you to see him suffer. Efficient dental care of your dog can make the surroundings of the teeth stronger so that they would not fall off.

3.  If the whiff of your dog’s breath makes you wanna throw up then it is time to take him/her for a dental check-up. This condition is called halitosis. Intolerable bad breath is usually a sign of dental diseases like plague that makes their gum very weak. If your dog follows a dental care routine then bad breath usually does not occur. You can also use a mouth spray for dogs after consulting your veterinarian.

4.  Dental Plaque contains many types of harmful bacterias that can enter your dog’s body through their bloodstream and damage the heart, liver, and kidneys. You should, therefore, give a healthy dental routine to your dog regularly to avoid building up plaque in their mouth.

5.  Dental problems such as Gingivitis and periodontal disease, when it becomes severe, can be very painful for your dogs. You certainly do not want your furry pooches to suffer like this. Therefore, we recommend you begin an oral care routine for your dog as soon as possible to prevent him from any kind of pain.

There are a few products available for dogs’ dental/oral care that you can use for them after consulting their veterinarian. Some of them are-

  1. Dog toothpaste (our toothpaste are not suitable for dogs)
  2. Dental treats (if your dog doesn’t let you brush their teeth)
  3. Dental toys (helps clean your dog’s teeth and freshen their breath)
  4.  Dog’s mouth spray (for their bad breath)

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We all love our dogs very much, therefore, we try our best to give them a healthy life. Now that you know that their oral care is so necessary, you must start acting on it now. Take your canine companions to the veterinarian for his/her dental check-up today! You can also buy many dental medicines online now with just one click.

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