What is hand sanitizer poisoning & how to keep yourself safe?

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Healthcare in 2022

The Medicare industry has witnessed a lot of changes over the years and the pandemic has turned the entire industry 360 degrees. It changed people’s lives all around the globe. We all opted for the “new normal” of masks, alcohol-based hand sanitizers, social distancing, handwashing, and gloves.

Along with masks being a compulsory precaution, hand sanitizers and medicated hand washes have become a must-have too!

Whether it be a school, a restaurant, or a park, precautionary measures are mandatory to be followed in this pandemic era to save ourselves from the covid-19 outbreak and its upcoming variants.

How toxic are hand sanitizers?

We all are aware of the fact that with the good comes the bad!

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are indeed a boon for human lives but they also have certain properties which make them a bane for us.

Some hand sanitizers contain toxic methanol which is very harmful to human health and skin. 

Methanol is highly absorbable and dehydrates the skin, causing problems of roughness and itchiness in the skin.

Sanitizers are extremely harmful to toddlers and babies and must be kept away from their reach.

Handwashing is a healthy practice

Hand hygiene has been a vital and mandatory aspect of early childhood education. There are several times during the day when we wash our hands and the frequency and consciousness have significantly increased after the covid-19 outbreak.

Hand cleanliness is presently viewed as one of the main components of disease control exercises. In times of increasing medical care-related diseases, the continuously increasing seriousness of ailment, and the intricacy of therapy, superimposed by multidrug-resistant microorganism contaminants, healthcare professionals are returning to basic measures like using a medicated liquid-based hand wash to prevent contamination. This is because enough scientific experiments prove that if appropriately carried out, medicated hand-washing alone can decrease the danger of cross-transmission of diseases in our community.

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Tips to keep your skin healthy while practicing medicated hand washing!

  • Try to wash your hands with warm water often.
  • Use moisturizing hand wash.
  • Try using paper towels.
  • Use hand creams to keep your hands hydrated and healthy.

Get a safe sanitizer!

The first thing which you need to do to get a safe hand sanitizer is to go to the brands that you trust like Dettol, Lifebuoy, and Disinfecto.

Dr. Dendy Engelman, director of dermatologic surgery at Metropolitan Hospital in New York recommends looking at the ingredients label to make sure they have ethanol/ethyl alcohol or isopropyl/ isopropanol as their active ingredient and the quantity in the hand sanitizer must be above 70-80%.

Do’s and don’ts while using a hand sanitizer



  • Use Alcohol-based hand sanitizers that contain at least 70% ethanol/ethyl alcohol.
  • Don’t touch your eyes or mouth after applying sanitizer.
  • Use hand sanitizers thoroughly covering all your fingers and the whole palm.
  • Don’t use hand sanitizers on dirty hands.
  • Teach your child the correct usage of hand sanitizer.
  • Don’t use hand sanitizers when your hands are covered in poisonous or harmful chemicals like pesticides, etc.
  • Keep hand sanitizers and medicated hand washes out of the reach of toddlers.
  • Do not store hand sanitizers near flame or excessive heat.
  • Prioritize hand washing if hand sanitizers and handwashing, both are available.
  • Never make experiments with hand sanitizers.

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