The Importance Of Making Disaster Plan for Your Pets

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July 30, 2021
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We try to prepare ourselves beforehand for many disastrous events to keep ourselves and our family safe. That’s why we all have disaster plans and protocols ready. But do we usually have a disaster plan for our pets too? Well, The answer is no.

Most of the pet-owning families are not even aware of such a thing let aside from having it. The families who are aware of it, do not know how to make a proper full-fledged plan. It is high time that we start considering animal health care and safety a priority.

We certainly do not want your animal friends to get affected by any disaster therefore, we have listed down some important points for your pet’s disaster plan. It will ensure your pet’s safety and security during a disaster and your peace of mind.

Here are some simple ways to make an effective disaster plan for your pets-

 1.  Stock up a portable Pet Emergency Kit

Having a portable pet emergency kit helps a lot in situations such as immediate evacuation. You just have to carry the kit that would include all the necessities and first aid for your pet instead of hurriedly collecting everything at the last minute. Try to keep a waterproof, portable, and spacious kit. Check it every year to replace all the expired stuff with fresh ones.

Some basic things that you can keep in the pet emergency kit are-

  1.    Pet food and water (sufficient enough to last for some days)
  2.    Extra leash or harness
  3.    Food & Water bowls
  4.   Waste clean-up stuff
  5.  First aid kit
  6.    Medications that your pet may need (painkillers, anti-allergic, etc.)
  7. Copy of your pet ownership certificate/documents
  8.  A recent and clear photograph of your pet
  9.    Pet’s recent medical records

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   2. A-List of Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Most disaster relief shelters or temporary boarding facilities do not allow pets. So, it would be very difficult to find suitable accommodation for your dogs in case of any disaster. Search for the pet-friendly shelters or pet-friendly hotels near your area, enquire about them well and then accordingly make a list of the best ones. This would save your time from finding a place where you can stay with your pet during emergencies. Preferably, write their phone numbers and contact details alongside their names to make the process easier.

 3. Update your Pet’s Identification Cards/Chip

Put a pet identification chip or a card on your pet so that they would be identifiable if lost during a disaster. It would be easier for the rescue team or any other person who finds your dog to bring it back to you soon.

Make sure that the details on your pet’s identification card/chip are correct. In case of any changes, update the information on time.

  4. Have a recent picture of your pet everywhere

If your dog gets lost or separated from you during any disaster or emergency, you should have their recent photograph to show the rescue team and put on flyers. It would be easier for them to identify your pet and get them to you. Carry a recent clear picture of your dog in your purse, wallet, carry-bag, etc everywhere you go so that it is handy in times of need. Keep one copy of their photo in their emergency kit too.

  5.  Get a Pet Carrier

It would be easier to carry your pet in a carrier during evacuation. Get a spacious carrier for your pet according to their size where they can stand up, sit, and lie down comfortably. It would be wise if you make your pet get used to the carrier so that they don’t panic at the time of the disaster.

 These are some ways to follow to prepare a disaster plan for your pet. You can find most of the pet accessories and safety kits mentioned above on our website.

A good safety plan for your pet would prepare them for emergency situations. Make sure your furry friend is familiar with the things in the emergency kit so that it doesn’t make them too uncomfortable. Stay Safe!

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