New Dog Owner Guide: Items to Put on Your Shopping List

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Adding a new member to your family can be a big task and be it a pet or a human it’s equally daunting and challenging.  When it comes to getting a new dog into your house, you need to prepare yourself and everything around for the new pup so he can enjoy and feel good in a new place.

Going on a shopping spree is a must before getting the dog to your house. With the advancement in tech and the new fashion of online shopping, you can buy pet products online without bothering to step out of your home.

Let us help you prepare a shopping list for a new dog.

1. Dog Shampoo – It is very important to buy a shampoo that is for your pet and avoid using the one made for humans. Pets have furs and shampoos made for them to keep their fur conditioned and promote healthy hair growth. 

To keep your dog’s health in top condition you need to help your dog with its grooming needs. Regular baths will ensure a clean, shiny, and fresh-smelling coat. Bathing will remove dead skin cells, extra oil, substances that are causing allergic reactions, dust, and fleas. However, for an effective bathing session, you need to pick the right dog shampoo; a bad choice can pose severe damage to a dog’s skin & coat.

Why not use human shampoo on dogs: Human shampoos may contain not suitable chemicals for canine skin. They can dry out a pooch’s sensitive skin which can cause itchiness and irritation due to a different pH value.

The top-selling dog product is shampoo from It will help your dog to promote healthy skin regrowth it is formulated for dogs with no sulfur odor.

2. Fancy Collar – A dog collar may seem like a simple buy – though if you’re obsessed with your dog, you know that this is not true. These essentials of your dog’s wardrobe take some generous thought. Your dog sports their collar 24X7! Style is a must factor, but then comfort and durability matter the most. 

You can buy pet products online in Lucknow Ranging from a fancy collar to any dog shampoo to protect them and make them look like bootie at the same time.

A reason why buyers love to have collars for their pets is that a collar holds your pet’s tags which will help you keep your dog safe in an emergency. Every collar needs to have a secure spot for attaching a tag 

3. Dog Hairbrush – If you decide to buy a new dog start tackling your dog’s grooming needs at home, in your shopping list for a new dog. Nothing can be tricky as daunting as the wide range of dog brushes available in the top-selling dog products category. 

What is the best dog brush for each dog coat type? 

Which dog brush should you use on your dog? 

This is a compassionate question when it comes to your dog’s health.

You can buy a double side pet hairbrush. This is a great everyday option for double-coated dogs because it does double duty. The pin side smooths and detangles longer guard hairs, and the bristle side works like a smoother, redistributing the hair’s natural oils, which help the outer coat shine.

 The double side brush is also a great option because the pin side has rounded ends, so you don’t accidentally scratch or poke your pooch as you’re getting down to it. Be sure the brush you choose is the right size for your dog—if you have a smaller double-coated dog, You can buy this from the top-selling dog products. In your shopping list for a new dog.

4. Bed – Beds can range from a cardboard box packed with comfy towels to a miniature bedroom suite that matches your own. But leave the fancy ones until your dog is over his chewing urges.

5. Anti-chew spray. Like an off-limits sign for your furniture legs, these sprays taste bitter so your puppy will be discouraged from chewing inappropriately

Therefore these are some of the few things that you should consider while searching to buy pet products online.

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