Everything You Need To Know About Bathing Your Furry Friends

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Puppies, when with moms, do not require any additional animal health care. Once they have entered your Homes, you are the ones responsible for their health and happiness. Their health is in your hands at all times, and especially during the extreme weather. 

Pets go out for walks in public spaces where there’s dirt, germs, and many unwanted substances. They act clumsy at times and dirty themselves in mud, or in some cases, their own food bowls. It’s times like these when we, as pet owners, require to give them baths, even though that is the last thing that they want. 

We, at DCI, pay utmost attention to the Dermal Animal Health Care. We have Shampoos for all kinds of needs. Our Oatem Shampoo is an Anti- Seborrheic Shampoo, specially formulated to Moisturize, Repair & Restore damaged Skin. Oatem is Ideal for Deodorizing & as a Gentle Wash for Routine Baths. Our Clearkill Shampoo keeps your Pet free from Ticks and Fleas and provides them comfort.

Once your pets reach 8 Weeks of age, they are ready for baths. For every pet, there are certain defining factors which lead to whether they should be given a bath or not.

  • Weather: Your pets need more frequent baths in summers because they need to release all the heat inside their bodies. In winters, what matters most is that your pets are warm and protected from the chills. Even if you are giving them a bath during winters, it should be during the day time and with warm water. 
  • Hair density: Dogs with a high density of hair, necessarily require frequent baths because dirt and smells catch up with them very quickly. Dogs with shorter hair, tend to remain cleaner for a longer period of time.
  • Skin Types: Some pets are prone to skin infections or dry skin. Whenever an occurrence of such happens, they need to be given a bath. You need to be very sure of the skin type of your pets. For instance, in the case of dry Skin Types, our Oatem Shampoo provides moisturization and repair their skin. 
  • Level of Activities: Pets who are more fond of playing outside in parks or grounds tend to get dirty very frequently, and so they have to be bathed frequently as well. On the other hand, pets who are more comfortable in their homes are clean for a longer time and also protected from parasites like fleas, ticks, and chewing lice. So, bathing them requires a longer time gap.
  • The occurrence of Ticks or Fleas: Sometimes when your pets play outside or go for walks, they catch up with fleas, ticks, and lice. These parasites lead to the high intensity of itching, blood loss, and loss of appetite of our pets, and should be taken care of as soon as it is detected. They need to be bathed with an Anti-Tick Shampoo. Our Clearkill Shampoo helps in relieving your pets from any kind of ticks and fleas, and give them comforting playtime.

Bathing is not always meant for cleaning your pets. It is a great way to check for any injuries, fleas, ticks, or scratches, which you may not see otherwise. Whenever you spot any foul smell, or a lot of scratching, always opt for giving them a bath with a Shampoo that suits their skin type. Make your pups used to bathe since a very young age, to avoid any trauma when they are older. Usually, older dogs, if introduced with the concept of bathing, get traumatised, and may run away from water.

Whenever you plan to give them a bath, make all the necessary things ready first, and they direct them about the bath. Pets are very good at sensing things and may start running away from you to avoid a bath. 

Pets are not a huge fan of bathing, so you might have to play around with them while giving them a bath. You can bring their toys to the bath area, or you can keep rewarding them with treats throughout their bath. 

After discussing the pre-bath and the bath stage, a very important part is the post-bath stage. Taking the right care during this phase ensures their health and not get affected by cold or fever. After the bath, dry them thoroughly with a towel. If you have a dry garden area for their playing, take them out and play with them a little. Avoid putting them in the scorching heat of the summers, but opt for giving them a sunbath during winters.

DCI believes in giving the right animal health care for all the animals out there, so that they may live a happy and healthy life. We provide Veterinary medicine for a variety of issues like ticks, fleas, moisturizing, dermal rejuvenation, etc. Choose DCI, Choose a Healthy Life for your Pets!

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