5 Smart Ways to Make Your Dog Smell Good this Winter

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October 2, 2021
December 7, 2021
Anti-Tick Dog Shampoo

We all love our furry puppies so much, and we want them to accompany us everywhere. But sometimes, their bad smell can keep us away from them as no one wants to be around any unpleasant smell. The Winter season is usually when everyone is inside their blankets, and no one likes to shower regularly, including our dogs. And in fact, they shouldn’t do that frequently as well. However, dogs and cats typically have their natural odor that you cannot altogether remove, there are, instead, a few ways by which you can eliminate their awful smell and make them smell good. 

Here are five innovative ways that you can follow that will make your dog smell good this winter. 

1. Groom them regularly

Regular grooming of your dog can ensure their hygiene and health and keep away the foul odor. Some of the basic grooming activities that you can perform on your dog are- trimming their coat, clipping their nails, combing them, brushing their teeth, spraying and bathing them with lukewarm water. 

2. Wash their bedding

Many harmful particles like bacteria, dust, parasites, dust mites, insects, etc., can accumulate on your dog’s bed if not cleaned properly. This will not only affect your canine friend’s health but would also make them smell terrible. According to research done by the Cleveland clinic, dogs can bring fungal infections like scabies on the bed with you. Regularly washing their beds and blankets will ensure that they are sleeping on a clean and hygienic bed. No matter where your dog sleeps, that area needs to be neat and clean. 

3. Brush their teeth regularly.

Your dog can smell bad through their mouth since they do not brush their teeth daily like us. Diseases like Plaque give a terrible mouth odor which is almost unbearable. Therefore, their dental hygiene is very important as it keeps their dental health in check and smells good. You can clean their teeth by using dog toothpaste as recommended by your veterinarian.

4. Feed them high-quality food 

Good quality and a healthy diet can be a significant factor for your dog’s pleasant smell. Try to feed a high-quality diet like more raw meat, dog-friendly fruits, and vegetables to your dog instead of providing them poor quality cheap food to ensure their health and good smell.

5. Use a good quality dog shampoo.

There are many good-quality shampoos available in the market that are made especially for dogs. Choose the right shampoo for your dog after consulting your veterinarian that would be appropriate for your dog’s coat. Preferably a natural shampoo, as it is gentler on their skin and can be used more often. You can also use anti-tick dog shampoo to prevent both ticks and foul odor. Make sure that you shampoo them regularly so that they smell good and pleasant around you. 

These simple ways can ensure your dog’s well-being and will make them smell so good that neither you nor your guests would be able to resist them. 

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