Disinfecto Chemical Industries is a leading pharmaceutical industry manufacturing wide range of animal health care products,

disinfectants, Bio-cides and few human health care products. DCI is constantly innovating and solving health problems in the 

animal sector which is vital for corporate identity. 

Quality is the foundation of our organization, which we demonstrate in developing user-friendly, need oriented products to fulfill 

the needs of our global customers.We believe that the quality is the ultimate parameter on which a product is to be judged. 

 We also believe in time bound process of production, delivery and supply.




Our production is carried out in modern technology oriented plant with minimum of human interference. This approach minimizes the chances of contamination in the product

All the products are manufactured in GMP plant. Our main thrust areas are

  • Animal Health care formulations
  • Human Health care formulations
  • Bio-Cides
  • Disinfectants

We have demonstrated over and over that we have the skill, expertise and the determination to face the challenges of product innovation in formulation developing most challenging formulations from the scratch.