Amtiraz Cow Flea liquid
A-MTIRAZZ CPBO, (Amtiraz Cypermethrin Piperonyl Butoxide) Cow Flea and Tick Liquid, 50 ml
April 11, 2022
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May 20, 2022

Flupik , (Flumethrin 1%) Ready to Use Flea and Tick Liquid for Cows and other Cattle, 50 Ml


  • Flupik is ready to use flea and tick liquid for Cows and Cattle
Category: Livestock

Pour on Ready to use potent ectoparasiticide

Best Flea and Tick Liquid for Cows and other Cattle



Flumethrin  : 1g/100ml
Inert Ingredients :  q.s



For control and management of all tick species including strain resistant to:

  • carbamates
  • Amidines
  • chlorinated hydrocarbons
  • organophosphates
  • organochlorine group of insecticide
Recommended for

Cows and All Cattle



  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Avoid contact with skin and mucous membrane.
  • In case of accidental contamination, wash immediately and throughly with soap and water if symptoms persist, consult your doctor
  • Not for human use
  • For animal treatment only
  • Keep away from direct heat, sunlight, food stuff and feed
Usage Instructions

Usage Instructions

Apply FLUPIK 1.0ml/10kg body weight, evenly along mid-line of back from front of shoulder to tail head or use as directed or advised by veterinarian

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