Deltamethrin Liquid 1.25 %, 50ml pack of 3
Clearkill DT (Deltamethrin Liquid 1.25 %) Ticks, Flies and Lice Control for Cattle and Cow, 50ml (Pack of 3)
April 11, 2022
Flea and Tick Liquid FLUPIK – Flumethrin 1%
Flupik , (Flumethrin 1%) Ready to Use Flea and Tick Liquid for Cows and other Cattle, 50 Ml
April 19, 2022

A-MTIRAZZ CPBO, (Amtiraz Cypermethrin Piperonyl Butoxide) Cow Flea and Tick Liquid, 50 ml


  • A-MTIRAZZ CPBO (Amtiraz Cow Flea liquid) remover is used for cow.
  • For treatment and prevention of flea and tick infestation.
  • It kills all stages of cow ticks, It also controls flea allergy dermatitis

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  • For treatment and prevention of flea and tick infestation.
  • Kills all stages of cow ticks


Amitraz I.P.     :   1% w/v
Cypermethrin  :   1% w/v
Piperonyl Butoxide(PBO)  :  5% w/v
Excipients          : q.s.

Recommended For

Cattle and Cow



  • Keep out of reach of children and uniformed persons.
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of accidental contact wash immediately with soap and water, if symptoms presists contact your doctor.
  • Do not mix with any other product.
  • Destroy empty conatiners and never re-use them for any other purpose
  • No withdrawl period for milk usage
  • For external use only
  • Not for human use, animal treatment only
Usage Instructions

Usage Instructions

Apply A-MITRAZZ CPBO on 1ml/10kg body weight, evenly along mid-line of back from front of shoulder to tail head or use as directed or advised by veterinarian.

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