1How do I apply Anti-Tick Shampoo to my dog?

Firstly wet your dog’s hair for 2-3 mins with warm water. Apply this anti-tick shampoo all over the body and start massaging to create lather around its neck, chest and other body parts. Let them stand like that for 3-5 mins as this is the most crucial step in grooming. Then wash your dog thoroughly. For grubby animals, you can do this procedure frequently.

2Can I have some flea and tick removers for my cat?

Of course, yes, you can buy some extremely amazing products from our website to prevent your cats from having Lyme diseases, caused by infected ticks, and can stop the formation of flea in them by giving them tablets and make them get rid of it.

3Can I get some home care products for my home too?

We value your health and well-being of your animals that’s why we provide some home care products such as floor cleaners to protect your dog from diseases to help them live their life to the fullest.

4How do I treat fungal infections from my dog?

Unlike bacterial and viral infections, Fungal infections can be a lot serious and can make your dogs infuriate. But do not worry we provide some wide range of Anti-fungal sprays to make you tension free.

5Do you provide any livestock disinfectant products?

You have come to the right place, wounds, infections, fleas and ticks, all can be removed with the help of medicines which we provide and by using our products you can ensure your four-legged companion’s health in better hands.

6 Can I get some cool accessories for my pet?

Pets provide us with the best companionship, so it becomes our responsibility to provide them with the best stuff. We are here to make your pet more satisfied by providing some fancy collars for them, LED toy balls, squeezy balls, gloves wipes for them and many more.

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