Clearkill – 4.02ml Spot ON Anti tick & flea for Dogs
April 10, 2014
Bensulph – Anti Seborrhea Microbial Dog Cat and Horse Shampoo
April 10, 2014

Clearkill – 0.50ml Spot on for Kittens and Cats. Anti tick & flea


Clearkill Spot on is for Kittens and Cats 8 weeks or older. It is a single dose application product with instructions given inside package. It is used to control and remove ticks and fleas in kittens and cats. For best results, use as directed by Veterinary Practitioner.

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  • Spot on for Kittens and Cats 8 weeks or older
  • Remedy for Ticks and Fleas
  • Single dose application


Fipronil 9.8%

S-Methoprene 8.8%

Excipients q.s.